Fox Portable Dance Pole

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You're viewing at our Brand New The Silver Fox Portable Dance Pole Kit. It only takes minutes to set up and pack up. You can take it to your pole dancing classes, to your friend's, or just practice or spice up your parties at home!


· Solid steel construction
· Easy to use and assemble
· Easy to set up even on uneven floors
· No ceiling fixtures required
· Height adjustable to suit different ceiling heights
· Carrying bag to help you to carry it anywhere
· Comprehensive assembly instructions with free DVD


· Color: Pink
· Material: steel and ABS
· Pole diameter: 2"
· Thickness of pole: 0.04"
· Height: adjustable from 7.21' to 8.53'
· Weight capacity: 220.46 lbs.

Package Contents:

· 3x dance pole sections
· 1x base plate
· 1x ceiling plate
· 1x spanner
· 1x carrying bag
· 1x instruction

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